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Experienced in all phases of both residential & commercial painting, we have finished many ‘custom’ homes,   remodels,   restaurants,   commercial tenant improvements,   new commercial construction,   & of course,   lots of repaints.  We pride ourselves on providing good advice,   informed & trained color consultations,   prompt,  reliable & timely service,  as well as offering competitive rates always directed towards appropriate results,  specifically tailored to each project,  and/or job.

Bills Painting

We specialize in…

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Remodels

  • Restaurants

  • New Commercial Construction

  • Repaints

With more than 30 years in our trade,  our company offers almost anything desireable for any client’s decorating requirements.   This includes fine lacquer work,  many varnish/urethane systems,   professional glazing / drybrushed overglazes,   graining & faux effects as suited to any interior design parameters.

Our experienced journeyman staff provides expert brushwork,   and appropriate spraywork as required.     They also offer detailed advice on the most efficient ways to achieve the designated results.   Our company can also  performs drywall repair & matching textures,   as well as wallpaper removal & prep prior to a professionally experienced wallpaper application.

Our Exterior finishes are designed for both maximum durability and also for the level of appearance each customer requires.  We pride ourselves on matching each client’s priorities with our own best advice.

No project we take on is considered finished until our client is satisfied with the results….& most importantly,  the final bill.  We never bill,   ‘on completion’,  without always checking in with our ‘client’s’,  and/or,   our  ‘Contractor’s,   concerns.  We never require any client to pay more for the work than they want,….or they are ‘happy’ with.

Over the years,  we/I,  have occasionally lost money underneath these principles,  but our reference base has always grown.  My company prides itself on always providing,  on request,  a solid list of recent ‘references’,  very rarely more than a year old.  In this way,  we do not rely on ‘old’ jobs for recommendations,   but always fresh & timely reportable performance.

My company,  consists of 5 to 8,  very well trained,  painters,   who have been with us for,  on average,  over 20 years.  These guys are very good. When I hear the usual good things from our many customers / contractors, I know exactly what foundation my business is built on!!  I do the deliveries,  payroll,  etc., also checking in on the projects almost every day, but my clients typically tell me that ‘Jimmy’,  or ‘Orlando’,  or  ‘Ben’,  or ‘Jeronimo’, or ‘John’ are doing a fine job.

Invariably,  these gentlemen make our clients happy,  both with their hard work,  but also with their consistent & highly professional results!!  That stuff speaks for itself.  They speak for themselves.  That’s what I always wanted from the 25 years I was painting myself….a good result,  a competitive price,  & most important,  a happy client.

Recommended by SCCG member Dan Forshner

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We have used Bill’s Painting exclusively since 2008 and would not consider using any other painting contractor. Bill and his team do meticulous work and always follow up to make sure we are happy with the finished product. Also Bill and each one of his workers are prompt, polite and clean. Bill follows up regularly during projects to oversee and make sure the work is proceeding as specified.

Once when we were out of town, Bill called to alert us to an issue caused by another contractor. We were under a deadline and were unable to address the problem personally. Bill promptly found a person to clean up the mess for us. Bill’s pricing is fair and a great value for the quality job that he does.

Sincerely and Regards, Kristin & Jim R

As a long time customer, I will only hire Bill’s Painting for all my big jobs. 5 different houses over the years, all done quickly and expertly. Bill himself is amazing but so is his crew, most of whom he’s had for many years. Very friendly and professional, and they do a great job on the cleanup. Bill works with you every step of the way to make sure you’re happy with the product. Over 25 years in Santa Cruz, he knows what he’s doing. I highly reccomend Bill’s Painting to any and everyone. Sincerely,

David P.

Bill’s Painting has painted my projects for many years. Everything from high end homes to apartment buildings,tenant improvements and my own home. He is a true expert in his feild .He has done exactly what he said he would do,was prompt, professional and his work has held up beautifully.

Don Dillingham – Builder & General Contractor
2 Customer Testimonials
  1. Don Dillingham says:

    Bill’s Painting has painted my projects for many years. Everything from high end homes to apartments and tenant improvements and my own home. He is a true expert in his field. He has done exactly what he said he would do, was prompt, professional, and his work has held up beautifully.
    Don Dillingham Builder, General Contractor

  2. Dan and Lara Becker says:

    Bill and his crew are awesome! Bill is an expert in the painting craft, giving us great information concerning the finish for our body color and trim. He also provided us a great recommendation for wood stain on our trellis. His crew with head painter John, Geronimo and Benjamin were great to work with. They were prompt and worked very hard. We had a lot of hot days, but they worked diligently to get the job done. We highly recommend Bill’s Painting and would use them for any paint projects we would have in the future!

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