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Steven Cervine has been a California State licensed General Building Contractor since 1991. Since then his local Santa Cruz construction business has been committed to quality, integrity, reliability and client satisfaction.

Cervine Construction Co.

We Specialize In…

  • Custom Doors and Windows

  • Custom Skylights

  • Custom Garden Structures (ie Tori Gates)

  • Gazebos

  • Green Building

  • Sustainability

Steve brings years of on-the-job experience to his work.  He is also an artist/sculptor as well as a musician. He brings all of these talents to his construction business. He specializes in custom homes and remodeling.

Working with Steven is easy as he values relationship and clear communication; he enjoys the whole journey – helping his clients clarify their dreams of home, the process of building and then the celebration of the manifestation of the dream.

A lifelong student of consciousness, health, healing and is a Massage Therapist he is also a student of Aikido, the path of peace, since 1990. His understanding in these areas facilitates an ease for the people in the homes he is remodeling.

Referred by: David Hooks

Cervine Construction Co.

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