Michael Hartrich Design-Build
Michael Hartrich Design-Build

My specialty has shifted from hands-on residential remodeling design-build to new home construction using fire safe FASWALL block as the main material.

We specialize in…

  • Residential Remodeling

  • Accessory Dwelling Units

  • Design-Build

  • Decks, Fences & Trellis

  • Kitchen & Bath Remodel

  • Cement Board Siding

Remodeling Design-Build

One Project at a Time

Licensed, Bonded, Insured

Remodeling design-build has been my focus from the beginning.  I have been in residential construction since 1980 and got my general contractor license in 1990. My work experience covers all phases of residential construction.

A successful remodeling design-build project allows for the greatest amount of creativity and interaction between the owners and the builders. Over the years I have worked on residential remodeling  projects, accessory dwelling units, and home improvements both large and small.

Exterior projects include decks, custom decks, fences, gates, trellis, arbors, even a residential driveway bridge.

I have added new siding to several homes. I highly recommend the use of cement board siding. It is fireproof, rot proof, weathers well, provides a stable surface for the paint and creates a tough and good looking exterior surface.

Cement board siding can go over an existing plywood exterior, such as painted T-111 siding which is on many homes. The type of siding can usually remain in place and the new cement board siding is placed on top of it.

Residential remodeling design-build is a team work approach

I give all my construction projects my full attention. Some projects are designed by architects. That’s great. I love to work with people who are more skilled than me in other areas. I then draw upon my remodeling design-build skills to look for small improvements during the construction.

I use a network of quality subcontractors who are experts in their field. They really get the credit for adding their part to the overall success of  each of my residential design-build projects.

Contact Info:

Michael Hartrich Design-Build

PO Box 2335
Santa Cruz, CA  95063

Phone: 831-234-4044

Contractor License Number: 604692

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Michael Hartrich Design-Build


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Mr. Hartrich completed an extensive remodel/expansion project at our house on West Cliff. I can enthusiastically recommend him for any similar projects. My wife and I both thought his work was outstanding.

He was particularly helpful inthe design phase. He came up with a number of ideas which helped us to refine the design. During construction he was always thinking of the final result, alerting us to new ideas and opportunities to make further improvements. As a result the house is significantly better than it might have been. He was very flexible in working with us when we made changes during the project.

The quality of his work is excellent. He meets his commitments, is honest, and dedicated to doing the work right.We were impressed by his network of reliable subcontractors. He seems to have the ability to select people who work hard and have a sense of craftsmanship. All of the work done by all of the trades involved was of superior quality. Even the laborers he hired were intelligent, hard-working and pleasant. I’ve never seen a better managed construction site.

19 Customer Testimonials
  1. Tim Greaney says:

    Mike and his assistant did a remarkable job diagnosing and successfully sealing our deck which was leaking into our house. The job entailed much more than sealing cracks. Mike closely studied and researched available materials and processes before doing the job. Prior owners of the house had spent much time and effort without success dealing with the problem. On top of all that Mike is extraordinarily thoughtful and cooperative to work with. Can’t imagine finding a better contractor.

  2. Allen & Jill says:

    After sustaining water damage during the storms of 2017, we were looking for a different approach to protecting our mountain home from the elements. We interviewed contractors, and Mike was the first to suggest a rain-screen siding solution that would leave an air gap between sealed exterior of the house and the new siding itself. After some research, we decided to install a modular system using Hardie Reveal panels. The project has far exceeded our goals, and became highly collaborative between Mike, the carpenters, and us. Several solutions, including extending our eaves with translucent Acrylite panels, were a direct result of having a creative team that was flexible, open-minded, and professional. Because the project was so successful, we’re now able to cool our home passively, and are anticipate getting the same insulation benefits this winter as well. Hats off to you guys!

  3. John Redell says:

    We were in a bit of a jam, having been left in the lurch by another contractor. He had promised to start our outdoor project in the spring but, after bumping our start date several times, had finally reneged completely late in the summer. This left us “back at square one” at a time of year when contractors tend to be fully booked and working to complete current projects before the rainy season.

    We contacted Mike and, though busy, he showed up at the agreed upon time, evaluated the proposed project and, after taking some measurements and crunching some numbers, promptly provided us with a rough cost estimate, cautioning that the figure could wind up being exceeded, depending on what initial demolition revealed about the underlying condition of the structure.

    This frank and reasonable caveat was born out when demolition revealed significant water and termite damage and sub-standard construction methods that had been employed by previous contractors who had worked on the house prior to our ownership.

    Mike and Ray commenced work in a cheerful but professional manner, keeping us apprised of unexpected structural issues, explaining how and why they could and should be addressed as the project proceeded. Mike offered a variety of possible solutions of varying cost and complexity to solve one pre-existing issue which was encountered and then contacted someone to draw up plans for the one we chose, which greatly facilitated obtaining a permit to cover this work (as it was beyond the scope of the original, “siding-and-windows” permit). Mike and/or Ray was always present to facilitate various inspections as they occurred over the course of the project.

    Mike connected us with electrical and roofing contractors to handle those aspects of the work as well. He conferred with these sub-contractors to insure that work by all parties was well coordinated and worked directly with them when appropriate.

    He also provided us with weekly, itemized billing and copies of receipts for materials purchased so that we could rest assured as to how our money was being spent.

    Mike and Ray did a great job and we are very happy with the finished product. They are hard-working, willing to answer questions, open to reasonable suggestions and can be relied upon to finish what they start.

  4. Kathy Huntley says:

    Mike (along with Ray Newkirk) did exterior repairs and improvements prior to painting our house. Both are highly skilled at addressing the challenges that come along with working on a 50+ year old house (rot, doors out of sync, etc) They are both driven to do quality work, which I really appreciate. Both are professional, dependable, and pleasant to be around. Would have them back in an instant!

  5. Mark Kadubec says:

    We had a difficult modern bathroom renovation planned and were stuggling to find contractors who understood the vision and had the confidence to pull it off. Mike participated in the design and the build, working with us throughout to make sure we got the result we wanted within the budget we had specified. We couldn’t be happier with our bathroom. Truly professional, and nice person to have in your home for several weeks (an often overlooked aspect to renovation.

  6. Dan and Lara Becker says:

    We truly appreciate and are extremely happy with Mike’s work. He did a fabulous job on our exterior siding and decks. Mike figured out our “puzzle” with his knowledge and experience. Truly a great contractor and we highly recommend him for any contract work! No need to look at any one else for a reliable, on-time and hard working contractor! Our house has turned out to be, in our opinion, THE “best on the block”. Kudos to you, Mike!

  7. Jewel says:

    Mike stepped in to help with our ADU when we most needed him. Although he was too busy to be our main contractor he offered his expert advice and helped us over a few problems, Mike offers a wealth of experience and is a good man to have around.

  8. lori rubin says:

    Mike is a highly-skilled, professional project manager and carpenter!

    We did a remodel that involved gutting the whole house down to the frame and then building it back up again. Mike supervised the entire project which included design, gathering bids, recommending contractors, and managing the contractors who did drywall, painting, electrical, plumbing, cabinetry, roofing, HVAC and more. He and a colleague also handled all the carpentry themselves. Work with Mike if you want someone who:

    • Performs at a very high standard and requires the same of other crew members.
    • Stays in close communication with you at all times and is immediately responsive.
    • Has great ideas and design solutions.
    • Handles changes with ease and a sense of humor.
    • Manages people well and maintains a calm, cooperative and respectful work environment.
    • Keep meticulous records.
    • Keeps a clean and tidy worksite.
    • Carefully oversees all aspects of the project and manages to the timeline.
    • Continually reinforces that it’s your house and that his goal is to make sure you are satisfied.

    I can’t say enough about Mike’s extraordinary level of competence and cheerful personality. I feel lucky to have had Mike as our man in charge. We are very happy with how our remodel turned out and with the entire experience!

  9. Ted H. says:

    How do I begin to explain how great Mike was through this whole project. His design on the remodel was essential. During this process he and I brainstormed and came up with the perfect remodel that was both architecturally balanced and economical. I really appreciated that Mike listened to what we wanted and did not impose his ideas over my wife’s or mine. Granted, he disagreed at times with our ideas, but that was when we were talking crazy :). Then when we started to build he was equally exceptional. As with any project, there were complications but he and I were able to discuss the alternatives and come up with wonderful solutions. Basically, the construction was of excellent quality, on budget and on time. What more can you ask for. Oh, and my marriage is still doing great so you know he has the touch. What is the saying, “If you want to test a marriage, do a remodel”. In summary, we are 100% pleased with Mike. We could not have asked for a better remodel experience.

  10. Jane Doge says:

    You couldn’t ask for a better contractor than Mike. We hired him to build a skylight in the kitchen and a sun tunnel for the master bath, to be coordinated with a full re-roofing at the same time. Mike was incredibly easy to work with: he said what he was going to do, and he did that, and then some. Neither was a straight-forward job but he navigated it, as well as the permit process with the city of San Jose, without a hitch. I couldn’t recommend him more highly. Thanks, Mike!

  11. noelle farinsky says:

    Mike did a great job! We ran into some unexpected issues with the job yet Mike had a solution for every challenge and did not charge us extra for the “blips” that came up.He showed up on time and was always very professional and pleasant to be around.I would hire Mike gladly for any other work we would need done and would highly recommend him to any one looking for some quality help for projects on their house.Thanks Mike!!
    Noelle and Dave Farinsky

  12. John Bowin says:

    Mike has remodeled 2 bathrooms and a kitchen for us. He is professional, competent, and very open and honest about billing, and so we have been very comfortable hiring him on a ‘time and materials’ basis. He does high quality work and is conscientious about making sure you are satisfied. I recommend Mike without reservations.

  13. Larry McNeill says:

    Mike rebuilt the roof on our 1939 built “summerhouse”. He made a very thorough inspection before submitting his plan and bid. Being so old and owner built by someone who obviously knew little or nothing about construction, there were numerous unforseen problems that Mike dealt with sucessfully and without going unreasonably over the estimate. All the work was accomplished without tearing out the existing drywall. If you have ever seen what a mess tearing it out makes, you know what a plus that was. We had him tear out the old low ceiling in our living room and opened it up with a cathedral ceiling that turned out beautifully. We are very pleased and heartily reccomend Mike Hartrich!

  14. Don Harlor says:

    We hired Mike as a designer/builder for remodeling our historic home on Ocean View Ave. in Santa Cruz. He needed to work with the Historical Society, Planning Department and us, to be sure we were all satisfied with the results. An older historical home has many problems, nuances and requirements. He handled these personality and construction encounters to everyone’s satisfaction. He brought the house up to code, and made it a more comfortable, safe and beautiful home.

  15. Paul Roth says:

    Mike oversaw the extensive remodel of our master bathroom. This was not only a major undertaking, but also involved having the construction site off of our bedroom. Mike handled every detail to perfection. He can anticipate and address many potential problems, and so makes life easier during what is often a stressful period with having work done in the house. Since then, whenever there is any remodeling work to be done, the cry goes up, “Call Mike.” We enthusiastically recommend him whenever anyone asks us about a contractor.

  16. Mary Minkus says:

    We bought a duplex in 1988 which had been built in 1978. For the first few years, it didn’t require much, and we were not knowledgeable about regular maintenance. In the early 90’s, the picket fence around the whole property needed extensive repair/replacement. Our realtor and friend, Barbara Schatan, referred us to Michael, and the rest is history. It was clear immediately that Michael was skilled, smart, honest, a fine person, and professional. Since them we have hired him any time we needed work done on the building, and now we have extended his duties to what I would call project management. Every couple of years we ask him to look the property over and tell us what needs doing. Based on his recommendations, and his understanding of our limitations, we hire him to complete the required work. Now that’s trust! We’re still grateful to Barbara for introducing us to him.

  17. Bill Mahkovtz says:

    I hired Mike to assist me with the rebuilding of an old redwood deck. As we took the old deck apart there was serious structural problems, as well as finding plumbing leaks. Every problem was handled quickly and professionally with some very cool creative ideas from Mike. I now have a beautiful Trex deck that makes it a joy to use my backyard again.
    I would recommend Mike to anyone.

  18. Rebecca B says:

    My husband and I hired Mike to build an addition (master bedroom and bath) onto our existing home in Bonny Doon. He also re-built the deck, and orchestrated implementation of a completely new back patio. Mike was awesome: he is a very skilled, intelligent, thoughtful, can-do builder. Although we had hired an architect, there were many instances where it was necessary to revise the original plans. Mike redesigned the building plans when necessary, and was very open to our suggested changes. He was completely reliable and dependable, and worked with the utmost integrity. We would hire Mike again without hesitation. He made a very stressful experience of construction (while we continued to live in the house) transparent and engaging. We are thrilled with the addition: it is functional and lovely!

  19. Rolf Christensen says:

    About 3 years ago my wife and I had to rebuild our deck (we are near the summit of the Santa Cruz mountains and due to moisture the deck had finally rotted and needed a complete rebuild). We interviewed 3 contractors, of which Mike Hartrich was the man we chose. First he came highly recommended to us by a friend in the trades, and he has since done a number of projects for us besides the deck rebuild. I do not give a 5 star rating with out good cause! Mike’s honesty, integrety and attention to detail were “first cabin” as my dad used to say…besides the deck we have had foundation issues that Mike rectified, as well as detailed outdoor lighting accents build into the exterior of the house. I could not reccomend him enough, and in fact I have to other neighbors and freinds.

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