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Ray Newkirk is a local general contractor who leans green. While Ray has built numerous homes and additions in our area, including a 2-story 2500 square foot straw bale, his focus for the past 10 years has been on renewable energy, passive solar design, rain water catchment and providing biodiesel to our community.

We specialize in…

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels

  • Decks

  • Alternative Energy & Green Design & Construction

Ray Newkirk General Contractor

Ray was the only building contractor to participate in the Santa Cruz Green Building Working Group which crafted the Green Building Program adopted by the City of Santa Cruz.

Ray is co-owner of the Green Station at the corner of Ocean and Soquel, our local bio-diesel and electric vehicle hub.

If you drive a diesel, your truck willl love their ASTM certified fuel. And NO CONVERSION IS REQUIRED! Made LOCALLY, None of your fuel dollars go overseas. They don’t even leave the Bay Area! Greater lubricity means longer engine life. Lower emissions. Same performance and mileage. Many local contractors, landscapers, movers, farmers, mechanics, commuters and more have been using it for years. Biodiesel has many other uses like NON-TOXIC FORM RELEASE OIL, cutting oil, grease remover, solvent, penetrating oil, bike chain lube and more. And if you’re interested in electric vehicles, Green Station is the place.

Since Ray is now the only biodiesel provider in 3 counties he is only accepting smaller jobs. Additions, bathrooms, window and door repair & installation, decks, repairs, handyman work, rainwater, landscape and small remodels welcome. Bamboo structures and accents a specialty.

Biodiesel works in most diesel engines with no modification. Its other uses include non-toxic lubrication for squeaky hinges, bike chains, cutting oil, form release and more.

Local references galore for construction and biofuel purposes.

Contact Info:

Newkirk Construction

Mobile: 831-234-0200

CA Lic. # 717932

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Ray Newkirk General Contractor


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5 Customer Testimonials
  1. Dan and Lara Becker says:

    We highly recommend Ray Newkirk. Ray did a fabulous job on our exterior remodel and decks. He is very easy to get along with and has great ideas for getting around the difficulties we had on our project. He is a truly great contractor and we highly recommend him for any contract work! No need to look at any one else for a reliable, on-time and hard working contractor! Our house has turned out to be, in our opinion, THE “best on the block”. Kudos to you, Ray! (Please note: Ray was brought on board for our project by Mike Hartrich. The two were a great team, and we will certainly want them to come back on any of our future projects!)


    I highly recommend Ray Newkirk both as a general contractor and for his exceptional carpentry, concrete and tile work. Over the years, Ray has worked on three houses that I’ve owned in the Santa Cruz area. On my first house, Ray did mostly window replacements and repairs. On my second house, he beautifully remodeled my kitchen and built some custom bamboo shelves that exceeded even the expectations of my perfectionist husband!

    Ray has an uncanny ability to understand and visualize what his clients are seeking. He asks lots of questions and will often propose different design ideas, explaining pluses and minuses of each option. He really takes the time to listen! This was especially important when we embarked on a complete remodel of my third house, where I currently live. Consulting with me every step of the way, he gutted the entire house, worked with an architect to spec out the kitchen, and transformed my home into a beautiful, livable, and inviting space.

    Ray is extremely competent at what he does, but always has an eye for keeping expenses down. He shows up on time, works hard, and is very personable. Need I say more?

    Santa Cruz

  3. Mark Kadubec says:

    We had a difficult modern bathroom renovation planned and were stuggling to find contractors who understood the vision and had the confidence to pull it off. Rey participated in the design and the build, working with us throughout to make sure we got the result we wanted within the budget we had specified, even dealing with some very challenging high end plumbing fixtures that required creative solutions. We couldn’t be happier with our bathroom. Truly professional, and nice person to have in your home for several weeks (an often overlooked aspect to renovation.

  4. Kathy Huntley says:

    Ray (along with Mike Hartrich) did exterior repairs and improvements prior to painting our house. Both are highly skilled at addressing the challenges that come along with working on a 50+ year old house (rot, doors out of sync, etc) They are both driven to do quality work, which I really appreciate. Both are professional, dependable, and pleasant to be around. Would have them back in an instant!

  5. Nora Caruso says:

    Ray has been doing construction work for us for over a decade. He is our go-to person for all projects big or small. He is reliable, friendly, and an all around great guy. He’s incredibly professional and detail oriented, and his work is always top notch. His prices are always reasonable.

    He is also resourceful & has great ideas. We had a major termite issue here until Ray built our storage shed out of steel studs and Hardie siding. Then he replaced most of our fence with 30 year warranty steel posts in a way that the fence doesn’t trap water at the bottom, rotting the redwood. He built several beautiful gates and a redwood landing with stairs. He designed & managed construction of our concrete retaining wall, has done emergency plumbing, installed windows and linoleum and more. It seems he can do everything well. We can not recommend Ray higher for any of your construction needs!

    Nora Caruso
    Program Director
    Santa Cruz Toddler Care Center

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