Members: this needs your input. How would you deal with this?

“I know that you need a referral to help someone enter the Guild but is it possible to remove someone from the Guild. I’ve had a few very unprofessional exchanges with a Guild Member over the past year and would prefer that my name as a builder is not linked to this person. Do you have protocol for removing a member?”

We need some kind of protocol for internal member conflicts.

I’m putting this out to you and all the members. Let me know how you would deal with this.

Your 2 Cents

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  1. David Hooks says:

    Would it be possible to schedule a members meeting to discuss the issue of member removal? I think it is an important subject if we want to keep our reputation as a reliable resource for the community.

  2. Steven Cervine says:

    I think it would be valuable and worth everyone’s time to be willing to have an arbitration meeting between both parties before tossing someone out on a complaint.

    If both parties are willing to sit down and talk about their differences and find a way to create harmony among the members then we all win. If one or both are not willing to, then conflict will only erode the fabric of our Guild and steps would be taken to deny the parties who are not willing to work out their differences future membership. If we can’t work out our differences with each other then how will we with our clients. I, personally, would like to know who I am dealing with and that everyone in the Guild is willing to create harmonious relationships if at all possible.

    My 2 cents,
    Steven Cervine

  3. Ray Newkirk says:

    Seems like a mediation type of meeting would be in order where a panel, maybe 3 unbiased members in good standing who know neither party could hear both sides then recommend a course of action. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding. Maybe alleged offender needs the boot. Maybe a contact of both members where they write up a short grievance & defense, say 1 or 2 pages as the first step to determine if panel should be put together. I think this is a very important issue. The Guild has an important role to play here and none of us want any bad apples soiling the guild’s good reputation. What do you think of the aforementioned possible course of action?
    Sincerely, Ray Newkirk

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