My letter to the editor was published in today’s Santa Cruz Sentinel:

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Always best to hire a licensed painter

On March 17, the Sentinel ran the article “UCSC student eyes long-term goals with summer business.” According to the story, Meagan White, a UC Santa Cruz student, is running her own house-painting business as part of an entrepreneurial training program. In reality she is acting as a salesperson for College Works Painting, an Irvine-based company that runs college painting crews across the country. The Contractors State License Board requires a “Home Improvement Salesperson” registration for door-to-door sales. As of March 25, Meagan White was not yet registered with the board. College Works Painting has a history of such code violations on all four of its California license numbers. Most of our local contractors work hard to stay in compliance with all the rules and regulations. Support your local community by hiring established, local, reputable licensed contractors.

— Mike Hartrich, Santa Cruz Construction Guild

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