Kathy Bernokeitis – KB Concrete – shares a yard with SG Concrete.  Their storage yard was just robbed.  The stolen items are:

The prelim list is

1. Concrete saw

2. Tile Saw

3. Wand Vibrator (for walls etc.)

4. Floppy Stamps-

5. Bull Floats

6. Fresnos

7..Karcher K 3.48 M Plus 1,800 PSI 1.5 GPM Electric Pressure Washer With 25-Foot Hose.

G#$^#&*n Thieves…. I hate ’em.  I’ve only been robbed once;  a sawzall, but it really ticked me off.

This has got to be a hard blow for katy and her company.

Tehir equipment is probably in a hauling van going to a flea market somewhere else.

Any ideas on how to deal with this kind of theft?

Damnit, that just pisses me off….

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  1. Kathy Bernokeits and KB Concrete Staff says:

    This is truly and unfortunate situation. The theives knew exactly what they were looking for and took it away. We appreciate the thoughts from Guild members. It is odd, when times are so tough, and the ability to make money is etched into fractions of pennies on the dollar: A theft is carried off with such precision. This is not a typical “crack head” heist to make quick dough…We simply ask our fellow guild members to be on the look out for a company that can suddenly demo, and replace concrete with a popular finish. These stolen items were not things that ‘anyone” could use easily, or would want to buy on the open market. To have this level of finishing tools, ya gotta know what you’d want to do with them and have a place to store them. LOOK, ASK, and BE AWARE: If this can happen to KB and SG..Heaven forbid this level of violation happens to you or your business.
    PLEASE, Keep and eye out.

  2. Dan Forshner says:

    Kathy,I,m sorry for your equipment loss as I recently experienced the same thing. My advise would be to have the police come to your location and take the report vs. You going to them,otherwise the report is just that ,a report. Pictures and full descriptions will be a big help. Dan Forshner

  3. gordie schwartz says:

    Bummer- very sorry to hear it! I lost $ 10,000 worth of tools- 2 full Knaack boxes- from a house we were building in 2001. Don’t know what the answer is, besides a good insurance policy. I actually didn’t have coverage for my tools when they were out on job sites, and the theft was particularly devastating as a result. I subsequently insured everything with an Inland Marine policy which paid out when I had some nail guns stolen from another site in 2004. I hope you already had insurance, and that your stuff is covered- best of luck!

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