Stolen Trailer

Stolen Trailer

My 2004 Big Tex trailer was stolen from my storage yard on the west side of Santa Cruz between 9/29/10 and 10/7/10

It is a two axle trailer with custom tie-down hooks

Lic# 4FD7890

Vin # 16VDX102241H29399

If you have any information please Contact:

Dan Forshner  831-325-6133

Stolen Trailer

Stolen Trailer

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  1. Dan Forshner says:

    Hi Mike,
    Thank-you for the posting of the stolen trailer .This type of thing is on the rise and my hope is to caution others to be alert so as to prevent similar situations. This trailer was in a locked storage as well as the wheels chained and locked. Hopefully some current job photos coming your way with my sons help.
    talk to you latter,
    Dan Forshner

  2. Keith & Anita Currey, Central Coast Tile says:

    Cannot beleive that. We are sorry to hear this.
    That is a fairly sized tailer to be stollen.
    My guess its probably sitting on someones property untill
    nighttime. It’s frustrating when you make an honest living and buy things for yourself, and then you have people with no disregard steal from you ..

    Thanks for the photo, and we’ll keep a lookout. “No neighborhood is safe anymore”
    We have had theft also with our mail. Some took our mail
    looking for something, probably checks, and dumped it on the side of the road. A lady found our mail and brought it in to the post office.
    Thieves operate at night when people are sleeping.

    Keith and Anita
    Central Coast Tile

  3. KB Concrete says:

    Nobody needs this kinda “stuff” when the economic chips are down. (or EVER.)

    I’ll have my crew keep an eye out! I’ll look when I’m out too!

    I’m So sorry this happened to you! Grrrrrrrr!

    I’ve been ripped off too.
    I got ripped off from my yard during a winter storm right around Christmas and New Year, when we weren’t at the yard every day.

    All contractors beware! Desperate times mean desperate people do desperate things…
    Keep a watchful eye, and get a video surveillance camera for your yard.

    Kathy Bernokeits
    KB Concrete

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