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I have a request for info from the local press regarding clean-up work in Capitola and other flooded areas of Santa Cruz County.

Is anyone doing any flood-repair work? Apparently merchants have received estimates that vary widely.  Do you have any advice to flooded business owners, regarding the need to dry out, avoid mold and prepare for rebuilding?

Send in your comments and I’ll forward them.

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  1. justin says:

    we have 9 months experience working in New Orleans after Katrina
    please do not hesitate to call
    OBRIEN BUILDING 600-6337

  2. Robert Beese says:

    The key is to remove damp drywall and insulation as soon as possible and expose the structural framing to the air. Fans and plenty of air movement provide the best results. Typically sheetrock is installed horizontally so there is likely to be a seam at the 4 foot level. The drywall on only the bottom half of the room would need to be removed.
    I am available for drywall repairs or hardwood flooring.
    Robert 831 206 9606

  3. Shannon Williams says:

    I know Mike Matheny who owns Simply clean, He does a great job for flood cleanup with his carpet cleaning rig. He also helped me out with some mold cleanup. He is very knowledgeable and professional, and very reasonable as well.
    Mike Matheny/ Simply clean

  4. Frank Vickner says:

    AND HOMEOWNERS damaged by the
    recent flood.
    Bay Area Floors is here to support the merchants and
    homeowners damaged by the recent flood. Bay Area
    Floors is offering our flood-damaged neighbors At COST
    FLOORING MATERIALS & LABOR to help you rebuild
    your homes and businesses.
    Only for Capitola Business and homeowners damaged by flood.
    We have been a local business for over 35 years in this
    county, and have provided our services in the rains &
    floods of ’82, along with the Earthquake of ’89.
    Bay Area Floors is experienced working with insurance
    companies to ensure you’re getting a comparable quality
    product replaced so you don’t have to settle for less.
    Our knowledgeable staff will move quickly to give you
    quality work while minimizing your business downtime.
    2617 41St. Ave., Soquel, CA 95073 Frank Vickner/President
    Bay Area Floors http://www.bay-area-floors.com info@bay-area-floors.com

    Hi Mike: Funny you should send this info request out tonight. We just handed out over 150 of these walking all over Capitola. This is a No B.S deal. Truely @ cost. We’ve been here a long time. Plan on being here longer. There will be future referrals generated by us helping out the Merchants and homeowners in Capitola. I have already posted this with the Chamber of Commerce Caitola/Soquel, Builders Exchange, The Mayor’s office. The above is not the actual flyer, I’ll send that over next, but that is what it contains.
    If there’s anyway to get this posted via press release, we are prepared when Capitola is ready.

    As far as your other questions go, there is currently the Emergency Removal crews out there. Carpet cleaners, Belfor Restoration, On the Spot Carpet Cleaners, and many more. So it’s being dealt with with de-hu’s, fans, removal and disposal. Pretty much everything I saw needs replacement today and I walked the entire circuit this afternoon.


    Frank Vickner

  5. Ron Myers says:

    In my experience working with a disaster management company and being BPI certified in Building Performance we obviously need to
    1. eliminate moisture source
    2. remove areas moisture can harbor i.e. sheetrock, wood etc.
    3. set up dehumidifiers and fans for ventilation, dehumidifiers can work alone but in my experience the use of fans in conjunction with dehumidifiers will eliminate the moisture issues that much quicker. Once areas seem moisture free then continue to run dehumidifiers and fans to guarantee the moisture is more than under control.
    4. use moisture probes and make sure moisture levels are in acceptable levels (preferably no moisture at all) prior to beginning any repairs.
    5. spraying bleach around the areas effected to kill any mold spores or mold and mildew which has already begun to grow
    6. what people really need to realize is that wood is a wick and will carry the moisture above and beyond the obvious areas where the water actually touched, called transpiration. much like a tree the moisture will continue to move until it eventually evaporates. Don’t just treat areas where the water line is but probe and analyze areas above and beyond the obvious areas affected. Be smart with moisture issues because once you start to close things up without actually drying everything out will lead to mold issues and no one likes mold.

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