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Top Ten Septic System Tips

Top 10 tips to prevent expensive surprises from proposed or existing septic systems.

Lead continues to pose hidden danger

“Lead in soil is important,” Grohol said. “If you were in the area that was heavily trafficked and you were growing plants that you were going to eat , and your house was built before 1978, you might want to check that soil before you start growing veggies.”

Selecting Land for a New Home? Here are Some Tips

Having an idea of the architectural style you prefer may well inform characteristics going into your building site. You may run into problems, however, if you select a specific floor plan too soon.

Homeowners Guide to Remodel / Addition Projects

Getting a building permit and/or other type of approval from the City of Santa Cruz, Capitola, the County of Santa Cruz or other jurisdiction.

Residential Instant Hot Water Recirculation Pumps

Instant hot water at the very last sink at far end of the house. Here’s a short 2 minute video by Dean Mazzei from Mazzei Construction explaining the Laing Autocirc E10 TANKLESS Hot Water Recirculation Pump