Commercial Use of Private Property

Residential Instant Hot Water Recirculation Pumps

Instant hot water at the very last sink at far end of the house. Here’s a short 2 minute video by Dean Mazzei from Mazzei Construction explaining the Laing Autocirc E10 TANKLESS Hot Water Recirculation Pump

Happy 4th of July

Video of the Recent UCSC Timberframe Barn

SC Construction Guild members help build new timber frame at UCSC

Santa Cruz Construction Guild members Karl Bareis and Santa Cruz Timberframes are leading the historic timber frame reconstruction up at UCSC.

A Traditional Timberframe Barn Raising in Santa Cruz

Mark your calendars. On Saturday March 21 a traditional timber frame barn will be raised up at UCSC. This barn will be 113′ long and 40′ wide. it is designed to last 450 years or more.

SC Sentinel article quotes Guild members

Our 5-year anniversary celebration

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