Bay Plastering

We at Bay Plastering specialize in a large variety of interior and exterior finishes. These include, but are not limited to hardcoat, synthetic finishes, smooth finish, sand finish, old world and brush finishes.We also are experts at applying custom foam shapes.

Ramsey Lath & Plaster

Founded in 1982 in Santa Cruz California, as a small residential plastering company, we have grown to be one of the Bay Area’s premier specialty contractors. We understand what it takes to complete projects of any scale and size, on time and under challenging budgets, while maintaining the highest quality of work.

Cordell Davis Plastering

Over 25 years of Experience, we specialize in Exterior Lath & Plaster, Interior Plaster, Stucco Stone Application, and Re-coats. Our specialty work includes: Foam trim, Fireplace Mantles, Outdoor Pizza Ovens, Oven Hoods, and Privacy Fences.