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I spoke with Pam (?) who is the resident Pacific Cove Mobile Home Park volunteer co-ordinator.  She’s one of the residents who was displaced by the floods and is temporarily staying at a hotel.  Right now the residents need some help with cleaning up mud.  The skirting around the mobile homes needs to be removed and the mud underneath scooped out and put into a pile for removal.  Anyone here up for helping out for a day / half-day?  How about Wednesday?  Any other day?  I’ll be there.  Let me know.  Bring square shovels, wheelbarrows, drinking water, energy bars and, most of all, a good attitude.

You can reach Pam directly here:  831-818-4284



Hi Mike – there is a lot of help needed within the mobile home park and I thought maybe you could reach out to your group and see if anyone was available and willing to help. Any day, any time. Main needs are removing skirting from homes and shoveling out the mud.  Dirty job!

Have them contact me and I will get them to the correct person.


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  1. Aaron Anderson says:

    Hi Mike, I can be a digging machine on sunday if needed. I have shovels, wheelbarrows, my truck and dump trailer. Just tell me what I can do. The following weekend I may have more time to help. I will help with dirt removal and repair work as much as I can.

  2. Mike says:

    Hello Paul,

    Thanks for the offer. I’ll meet your laborer at the entry to Pacific Cove Mobile Home Park tomorrow at 9:00 AM. Just have him bring a wheelbarrow, flat shovels and plenty of drinking water. We’ll work for half a day and see what needs to be done. Thanks again.


  3. Paul Lawton says:

    Hi Mike,

    I am pretty swamped with buying a new house and trying to get it ready for remodel permits. Not to mention, having passed 60 years old, a day of heavy shoveling under a mobile home would mean three days of pain! But, I can bring my laborer out Wednesday. He can have a wheelbarrow, shovels, etc, and my Ford F350 to use. Would you be available to manage him?

    I also have a nice little ten foot dump trailer that might be handy. Would that be useful for moving dirt? (to where?). If so I could probably bring that by for the day. Or is the City removing the dirt, in which case my laborer could just bring his own truck (smaller).

    Let me know what you think.

    Thanks! Paul Lawton 818-2894 (c)

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