COASTWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (CET) was formed in 1988 with the express purpose of abating asbestos containing building materials in the central and northern California coastal counties. Initially, our clients were residence owners and small commercial building owners. Over the years, CET expanded its services to include larger projects up to $500,000.00, and additional abatement services including lead paint abatement, mold remediation, contaminated soil removal, PCB disposal and fluorescent lamp recycling, HEPA cleaning and disposal of bird, bat and rodent feces.

We specialize in…

  • Abatement: Asbestos, Lead, Mold, & Animal Waste

  • Waste Hauling

  • Hard Demolition

  • Soft Demolition

CET Is Your Professional Mold Remediation Solution

CET’s mold abatement projects have included schools, commercial buildings, medical facilities, as well as residences. Our trained technicians are able to utilize the proper abatement removal procedures along with the latest mold abatement techniques to remove mold & mildew. This insures that the correct equipment and containments are used, and that worker health and safety is being observed during the abatement process. Improper removal and cleaning, and incomplete drying, can lead to regrowth of the mold, leading to additional costs for re-cleaning.

CET Is Your Professional Asbestos Demolition Contractor

CET’s abatement technicians have completed thousands of successful asbestos abatement projects since our start-up in 1988. These projects have entailed all types of material requiring abatement including, but not limited to, sprayed on acoustic ceilings, sprayed on fireproofing, vinyl asbestos floor tile (vat), and associated mastic, ÒlinoleumÓ (sheet vinyl flooring), roofing materials, sheetrock or gypsum wallboard, heating ducts, pipe insulation (TSI Ð thermal system insulation), cement pipe (Transite), boiler insulation. All CETÕs technicians are trained by independent AHERA certified training centers and have three or more years field experience. Our abatement supervisors have over 100 years of combined experience.

CET Is Your Professional Lead Abatement Contractor

Lead based paint is the most common lead abatement material. CET has completed hundreds of lead paint projects including the removal by hand scrapping, chemical stripping, needle guns, scarifiers, and by the sponge jet process for large jobs which helps to reduce the waste stream. We have removed lead paint from residences, child care centers, schools, government facilities, industrial buildings, as well as large 100,000+ gallon storage tanks. All of our lead technicians are trained, certified and registered with the DHS. CET is fully insured and bonded.

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