June 13, 2001 announcement

Santa Cruz County District Attorney Bob Lee announced that on Thursday June 9th a sting operation was conducted in Santa Cruz County. The operation was conducted to enforce laws concerning unlicensed contractors and workers compensation coverage of employees. The operation was conducted by investigators from the California State Contractors Licensing Board, California Department of Insurance, and the Santa Cruz District Attorney’s Office.

The operation was in response to complaints of unlicensed contractors working in the Santa Cruz area and also failing to have required workers compensation coverage on employees.

During the operation 7 citations were issued to persons who did not have required worker’s compensation insurance for their employees. Additionally 6 citations were issued for contractors not being properly licensed.

This type of sting operation has been conducted in Santa Cruz County several times before and further operations are planned in order to gain compliance.

To report a unlicensed contractor or failure of an employer to carry Workers Compensation Insurance, please call the Santa Cruz District Attorney’s Office at (831) 454-2400.

Courtesy of Jondi Gumz , Santa Cruz Sentinel

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  1. Thomas Kern says:

    This is a great step in leveling the playing field for those of us who work hard to play by the rules! Thanks Bob Lee making a statement. Thanks to the S. C. Construction Guild for supporting this endeavor.

    Thomas Kern
    S. C. Builders

  2. Paul Lawton says:

    Great news! Let’s all contact DA Bob Lee and thank him for doing this. I have been told that public pressure is the best way to continue this enforcement. We all know that this sting is only a drop in the bucket.

    Paul Lawton

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