Entrance gate & Generator


I am wondering if you can draft a design permit for a gate and install it?
The gate is to be at a business entrance, ADA, sliding locking gate, compliance with the city of santa cruz building requirements. I have old documents but the old plans do not accommodate the ADA hand rail.

For another project we need a construction contractor for a UPS generator 22.5KW, transfer switch, wiring, & natural gas hook up.

Please let me know if you interested and want to meet up, I need estimates by the end of Feb ideally. email is the best way to reach me.

Scope of work:

  1. 1 generator installed at 21507 east cliff drive, Size as recommended by load requirements.
  2. Load requirements: Two https://www.follettice.com/ref25-upright-laboratory-and-pharmacy-refrigerator, Two standard mini refrigerators and one PC workstation.
  3. Cement pavers (for generator to sit on, I will provide/install)
    1. OR If you want a cement slab I will have one installed.
  4. Fuel source: Natural Gas, used from building utilities with a shut off valve installed ( I want to remove the generator in two years (if it can also run on gasoline, even better, dual fuel source)
  5. Exterior Outlet for generator to plug into. I want to disconnect and move the generator in two years.
  6. Automatic transfer switch system.
  7. System should work as a redundant backup to the current UPS battery system. This will help reduce noise issues.

Contact Details:
steven welch
Phone: (407) 493-8484
Email: use the contact form on this page

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