Attention general contractors, painters and handymen!  The EPA has mandated that you get training in safe practices for renovation projects at homes, schools, and child-care facilities built before 1978.  That is the year when lead paint was banned.  This federal rule took effect on April 22, but the vast majority of contractors are still not certified.  Of course the government does not provide the training for certification, only the legal requirement.  There are now a number of private companies providing this training to contractors for a price.  Oh yeah, before I forget, the article about this in the Santa Cruz Sentinel mentioned a penalty of up to $37,500 per violation, per day.

SCCG member V. Altman of V’s Demolition Inc. has had his company trained and certified.  He will provde me with an overview of the requirements and a list of the best and most economical trainers.  The SCCG will set up a certification training workshop for our members.  We’ll do a group training so we can get the best price.    More information on this soon.

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