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Green Jobs Employers:

Several of you have already taken advantage of On-the-Job Training funding.  For those of you that haven’t: would you like to receive a check from Santa Cruz County for hiring and training your new employee?  The On the Job Training Program of Santa Cruz County can help you to find the right person for your opening and, once you hire them, you will be reimbursed 50% of that employee’s wages during the time you train them for the job.  This can work out to be thousands of dollars for the employer.  There is no cost to you.  The paperwork is very minimal and we do all the leg work.  Dozens of local employers have profited from this program and you can too.  If you’d like to hear more, contact Shoreline Workforce Development Services at 423-8611, ext. 285.  Please tell them that the Green Careers Partnership sent you.

Jo Fleming

Green Careers Partnership


email:  jo.fleming@envirocentives.com

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