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  1. mike says:

    You can have the floor to make your point. It’s an important issue. Lighthouse Bank wants to host a meeting in January to talk about construction financing etc

  2. Paul Lawton says:

    Hi Michael,

    At the next meeting, I would like to discuss recent changes in the planning department. Specifically, continually expanding scope of requirements needing a permit in a seemingly whimsical manner (changing out a kitchen faucet needs a permit? requiring changing drain plumbing when changing out a new sink in a 30 year old house?).
    Also, although I have not had a personal interaction to confirm, I have been hearing multiple reports of one senior inspector acting in a bulling, belittling, and seemingly arbitrary manner when interacting with building professionals and owners.

    If this becomes a growing problem, I envision the Guild acting as a professional organization in interfacing with the Board of Supervisors to promote change.

    What do you think?

    Paul Lawton

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