Yesterday, Thursday October 23, there was a partial solar eclipse around 3:00 PM. The customer and two contractors from the guild set up this contraption to see the eclipse. You’re not supposed to look at the sun directly because it will fry the retinas of your eyes.

The cardboard box was the packaging from the new attic staircase.
The open end of the box was covered with 15# asphalt paper to catch the reflection of the eclipse. The box was sealed with plumber’s tape. Then a small hole in the other end of the box was made with a 6 penny nail.
An opening was cut out to fit your head into….And this high tech telescope was then mounted on a garbage can.
Yeah I know, That looks really strange :)
The box was directed towards the sun. The image of the eclipse entered through the small nail hole. It was then reflected on the surface of the 15# asphalt paper. You stuck your head in the box and this is what you saw:
Ya know, it actually worked! The photo from my iPhone doesn’t do it justice. The image was small and blurred but the eclipse was clearly visible. Very cool.
and there you have it ! Astronomy 101 direct from your local on-the-job guild members.
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