Excellent working relationship with designers, contractors, and clients. Plans are frequently approved for a building permit after the first plan review.

Jarrod Swett P.E.

We specialize in…

  • Structural engineering - light frame residential, deep foundations, retaining walls, masonry, and steel

  • Design engineering - providing structural engineering input during the design phase for foundations, bearing lines, shear wall layouts

  • Civil engineering - grading, drainage, roads and driveways, caltrans projects, utilities

  • Preliminary engineering - determining the feasibility and requirements for unusual situations

Self employed working on referrals since 2018 providing civil and structural engineering services for residential and commercial projects in Santa Cruz County and surrounding area. Excellent working relationship with designers, contractors, and clients. Plans are frequently approved for a building permit after the first plan review. Take on between 10 and 20 projects each year, typically a short wait list and quick turnaround. 15 years of education and experience at a variety of engineering firms and agencies. MS in Structural Engineering from SJSU.

Referred by: Laurie Swett

Contact Info:

Jarrod Swett P.E.
849 Almar Ave Ste C #269
Santa Cruz, California
Mobile: (831) 278-0694

Registered Professional Civil Engineer Lic# 81221

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4 Customer Testimonials
  1. Pat Burns - Client - Addition, ADU, grading and drainage plan says:

    Jarrod Swett

    Registered Civil Engineer California 81221

    Jarrod Swett is an excellent civil engineer. Jarrod had been referred to us by one of the major contractors in Santa Cruz and we were fortunate to have had him as our civil and structural engineer. We had plans to build an ADU and additions on our property with a sloped backyard. Jarrod provided civil engineering for the entire project and structural engineering for the additions. He had great insight and vision for our project and was very enthusiastic about providing us with the best civil engineering solutions. He designed a drainage system along with a solid erosion plan that would have withstood the recent devastating storm. It was designed to provide safe overflow. Jarrod was very responsive to our questions and requests and worked really well with our contractors and designer. He was detailed and thorough and always kept us updated and involved. I would highly recommend Jarrod Swett, Civil Engineer for your building project.

    Pat Burns

  2. Roland Kreview - Client - overheight deck says:

    We recently completed a total replacement for our 1,300 square foot redwood deck. It is 16 feet off the ground so it had to be engineered and I elected to have it permitted.

    A Fine Line Company in general, and Jerrod Swett in particular, designed the structure and submitted the plans to the Santa Cruz County Planning Department. Issues such as soil testing, size of footings, tree removal, additional support for the kitchen, and many upgrades to bring the house up to today’s codes had to be resolved. Amazingly, the plans were approved in just a few weeks with no challenges to the design. Shortly after approval, we decided on a change to the design. This time the Planning Department pushed back and demanded an incredible amount of calculations to justify the change. Jerrod performed all the required analysis expeditiously and we subsequently received our permit.

    We are now enjoying a magnificently designed deck thanks to Jarrod and A Fine Line.

  3. Laura Livingston - Contractor - Landscaping projects says:

    As a contractor, working with Jarrod has proven to be an asset on my projects. He is well versed in permit processing, communicates well with the permit team and is good at pushing permits through the system promptly. He is knowledgeable about construction and takes a reasonable approach to engineering. With Jarrod, I get a solidly engineered project that isn’t over engineered or ridiculously expensive for my clients. I can call him anytime and he responds promptly.

  4. Matthew Thompson - Client - deep foundation and shearwall retrofit says:

    As a homeowner, it was overwhelming taking on a very complex remodel project involving foundation earthquake retrofitting. Jarrod was so helpful from the first site walk answering my many questions and helping me coordinate the contractors and soils engineers. With a “big picture” view of my project, combined with his close attention to detail, he found issues others missed. Jarrod’s plans were completed in a reasonable amount of time needing minimal revisions and few comments from the county.

    I plan to use Jarrod for all upcoming projects and highly recommend him to my friends and anyone wanting quality engineering services.

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