Rittenhouse Building Peanut Butter Tower

Talmadge Construction, Inc. is involved with Second Harvest Food Bank’s Holiday Food Drive through the “Tower of Power” project. Some architects and designers are getting together to build a tower of nutritional food and raise funds on December 7th at the Rittenhouse Building. Last year’s event raised over 3,000 pounds of food – they have a goal this year of 10,000. We’d love to have you help us break records!

Committed Partners so far: Talmadge Construction  Nextspace Lighthouse Bank Annieglass  Bogard Construction  Palace Arts Mission Floors Wallis Woodworks

Bill Kempf Architects Design Source SC New Tech Meetup L Kershner Design

SC Center for Design + Innovation Communication4Good Johnson Art Studios

SCCG Member Mission Floors is even donating 5% of all sales to Tower of Power!!!!

For further information or if you have any questions please feel free to contact the L. Kershner Design team at:



PS Hi Mike – here is an event that the guild could get some publicity about just for attending.  If you can get guild members to donate peanut butter and $1 and show up on the night of the event, they could get some visibility.  The event will take place in a display window of the Rittenhouse building on Pac. Ave.  Also a good networking opportunity.  thanks, Adele

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  1. Adele Talmadge says:

    Hi Mike – it’s actually not at Johnson Art Studio this year. It will be downtown at the Rittehnouse Building. Please change the title. Thanks for getting the word out. Adele

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