Hello, and welcome to Kumaran Design.  We specialize in designing fine homes and public spaces. Our projects are designed with the following criteria in mind:  they must feel comfortable, be inspiring, suit their environment, last for generations, possess subtle refinement, perform admirably, and be delightful.

Kumaran Design

We specialize in…

  • custom green building design

  • Project Consulting & Planning

  • Custom Residential Building & Design

We start by listening and observing. What we learn from you informs the basis to integrate creative desires and a thoughtful design aesthetic with functionality and the project realities.

Keller Residence    Soquel, Ca built: 2006 area: 800 sf Designed to maximize the small buildable area and frame key views out into the landscape. Initially conceived as the first stage of a larger project, it sits easily within the forest surrounding it.

Heeschen Residence  Campbell, Ca  2007-2009 area: 2247 sf   The client, quite specifically, wanted to transform an early ‘50’s ranch into a passive solar, highly insulated, super energy efficient green home. Features include fly ash concrete, FSC framing, reclaimed and recycled redwood siding with rainscreen, Serious Windows, minisplit hvac, on-demand water heating, provisions for solar thermal & solar photovoltaic, and rainwater collection. To accomplish the passive solar, the design re-oriented the ridge line and vaulted the ceilings in the main living areas. Overall the design is a thoroughly sensible package.

A note on performance – from the first passive solar homes we created in the early eighties to the homes we design now which apply so many elements of current green building, it is our nature to push each design to optimize sustainable features.

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