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Are you dreaming about building a new home, adding on, or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? We specialize in a cost-effective approach to construction that will give you the most for your money when implementing your design. We can also develop a design for your project.

Landry Unlimited Design-Build

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How do you strike a balance between aesthetics and budget? This is the question I spend my working life trying to answer. In 25 years of residential designing and building I’ve only had one client who did not have a budget for their project. They had a vision and the resouses to carry it out without compromise. Their house is a real showpiece and perfectly suited to their needs and wants.

This scenario is by far the exception. All of the other projects had a bigger wish list than the client could afford. This is normal. The culture we live in is pushing us to have more stuff. All the stuff we have needs a place, weather it’s a bigger closet for more clothes or a bigger garage for the new sports car.

I love to build. The bigger and more craftsmenship involved the better. I also realize that the delicate balance of size, looks and budget is hard to achieve. To get there takes experience and constant relentless attention to the details. Every decision needs to be weighed and considered as to is it the optimum choice, all things considered. I believe it is my responsibility to help my clients get the most of what is important to them for their money.

If more square footage is what they want and the budget is tight I can help economize the design to create a large but attractive solution. If quality is the most important, then I can provide them with the best available choices. If a tight schedule is part of the picture, we have the resources to work as rapidly as possible to meet the requirements.

The worst thing is when the client can’t build the project because the design is too expensive. Steps need to be taken all along the way in the design phase to insure the project is within the means of the owner. This is easier said than done and always a moving target because costs are continuously on the rise, so it’s important to stay current with real construction costs. My eyes and ears are always open with regards to costs of all the systems that go into modern buildings and I work closely with the various craftsmen and trades people to stay up to date on costs.

Green Building is now a thing people recognize and ask about. This is not a new idea, having first come to the public awareness back in the sixties. Current events lately though have begun to demand that we now take these issues more seriously. This is yet another dimension that needs to be taken into account when considering a construction project. I take them very seriously myself, so much so that in 2007 we installed photovoltaic solar panels and a net metering system on our house and are now producing more electricity than we use. I can help you do this for your project as well.

The puzzle of balancing all the variables and striving for the optimum solution is why I get up in the morning and look forward to working on the projects of my clients. I love working on this puzzle and am allways excited to sink my teeth into a new one. Call me now and let’s start working on a solution to yours.

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Landry Unlimited
Landry Unlimited Design-Build


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7 Customer Testimonials
  1. Toby Pickett says:

    Bob Landry was our exclusive contractor for several major jobs on our 110-year old west side home. From jacking the house up and replacing the foundation to adding an upstairs living space, giving our front porch a complete facelift and adding a fireplace, Bob has done it all for us. Throughout our experience with him he has been very creative, flexible and quality conscious. Bob brings a unique blend of building experience and architecture training to the table, which helps him find solutions to the most challenging non-square, non-plumb, rotted out old house challenges as well as completely new construction (like our backyard shop – forgot to add he did that too!). I’d recommend him for any job, big or small.

  2. V Altman says:

    We have worked with Bob for about 7 years. We appreciate his balanced, straight forward approach to projects using a great team of subs and craftspeople to accomplish fantastic work. It’s great to have someone fair and directed like Landry Limited to work with.
    We work with many GC’s in the Santa Cruz area on a regular basis, Bob is at the top of our list.
    V Altman, Pres.
    V’s Demolition Incorporated

  3. Geoff Alexander says:

    Bob first worked on one of my houses 25 years ago, before he went to architecture school. At that time he was already versatile enough to do concrete work, plumbing, and electrical, in addition to framing. He even did a great job at tile setting a shower surround where he had to overcome the crazy irregularities of our beautiful, but hand-made, tiles.

    In 2004, Bob and his crew did all of the foundation and framing of our exquisite new custom home in Soquel. The job included many unusual details, and included a beautiful soaring 19′ ceiling supported on intricate 40′ long site-built trusses.

    Bob’s combination of hands-on craftsmanship, strong design sensibilities, and a few decades of managing sophisticated construction projects gives him the ability to be successful at just about any residential or light commercial construction project.

  4. Robert Coe says:

    Our home is on an oceanfront lot, 1 mile from Capitola. We have experienced serial
    water intrusion issues(home is 10 yrs. old)with multiple ‘fixes’, over the years that
    were unsuccessful.
    Bob was referred to us by a friend/contractor. Bob’s job was to finally eradicate all
    sources for the leaks. Bob researched the leak sources and prepared a schedule
    and budget and while he was ‘peeling the onion’, it was obvious that the task was
    significantly larger than first anticipated. Bob advised us expediently, as the scale
    of the issues grew and a new budget and schedule was addressed. Bob’s approach
    gave us a great deal of confidence and he proceeded to meet schedules and
    budget. Bob’s expertise in construction methods and materials is very high
    and he gets it done correctly, with a great deal of communication along the way.
    Bob gets our highest level of recommendation for future clients.

  5. Gary Ransone says:

    As a general contractor myself and having worked in and around the trades for nearly 30 years, I have seen the good, the bad and the Best when it comes to construction practices and contractors. Bob’s work, creativity, attention to detail, dedication to his project and clients puts him squarely in the “Best” category. I could not recommend him more highly.

    Gary Ransone, Esq.

  6. Tai says:

    We found Bob Landry through the SC Construction Guild website. We interviewed three other GCs, but Bob was the most creative thinker, the best communicator, and has the deepest roots in the community—all qualities that made him the right guy to manage our kitchen remodel. The team of subcontractors he brought to the project did beautiful work—Mark Camarlinghi fabricated and installed the quartz countertop and Bruce Larsen of Acme Construction made the gorgeous bamboo cabinetry—and Bob kept everything running smoothly every step of the way. There were none of the unpleasant surprises that can sometimes crop up during major remodeling projects. Since we live out of town, Bob emailed us photos of the remodel as it progressed, which we greatly appreciated, and gave us regular phone or email updates. Now that our kitchen is completed—on schedule, all appliances functioning, and looking stunning—we realize how lucky we were to find Bob. He will be our go-to guy for any future projects.

  7. Mike Denman says:

    Bob Landry is a great General Contractor to work with on any project. Our project, a rotting deck system spanning the entire width of a 4000 square foot house, on multiple levels, had all the problems that any project can have. Limited budget, tight time lines, and limited knowledge of how extensive the problem was, all conspired to make this a project from Hell. Bob, after carefully listening to our comments, concerns, and constraints, came up with a design that addressed all the construction issues, a timeline that we could live with, and an estimate that seemed reasonable in light of the scope of work with all the “unknowns”. Bob has an excellent relationship with his sub contractors who arrived on time and seemed to really care about the project. Unsolicited, we repeatedly heard from the sub contractors that they liked working with Bob. As the project progressed beyond the demolition stage and the extent of the rot was known, Bob made several suggestions that would ultimately result in a superior deck system design. The new decks came out great and we couldn’t be happier. Best of all, Bob is a nice local guy, who is easy to work with, and does excellent work. As I said, we couldn’t be happier!

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