Here’s an update from ‘Think Local First Santa Cruz’, of which we are a member:

John Hamstra (The Bagelry) asked for this notice: he has been contacted with the following e-mail:

Dear Landlord/Business owner:

I would like to inform you that your property located at 1636 Seabright Ave in SC is not in compliance with the ADA. Please voluntarily bring the property into Federal and State disability access requirements within 90 days. In the alternative, please voluntarily provide me with a disability access compliance report within 60 days and a post construction review within 6 months.

If you have had a similar experience and would like to plan a response, please contact John at 429-08049 or via email at

I like The Bagelry, and eat there regularly.   This is like the new EPA lead certification mandated under penalty by the Federal government, but without providing any means to become certified  other than by training through private contractors.  I’m setting up that training for our members.   Stay posted.

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