Good morning,
I am a Deputy Public Guardian with Santa Cruz Public Guardians Office. Our office has a conservatorship of estate for a gentleman who lives on Dufour St. in Santa Cruz. The home is over 100 years old and is in need of multiple repairs.

We have several projects that need addressing and I would like to get 2 competitive bids that would encompass the following work:

-The removal and rebuilding of a shed that is attached to the back of the home. It houses the hot water heater and is essentially falling down
-The repair of a small portion of the roof over a laundry room that extends out over the back patio. It has rotted and needs to be repaired / replaced before the rains come.
-The repair or replacement (likely replacement) of two exterior doors and two interior doors.
-The repair of the floor in the living room. There appears to be some dry rot and we need to get it to a solid subfloor in. The caregivers will lay the new flooring.
-The repair of the front porch as there are several spots that are spongy and rotted.

I look forward to hearing from someone soon.

Thank you,
Sara Snyder

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