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Shower pans, flat roofs and tile decks uses C.I.M commercial industrial membrane. This product is a flexible and resilient, imperious to water, fully adheres to and bridges between common construction materials and environmentally sound.

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  • Decks & Waterproofing Decks

  • Windows & Doors

C.I.M is a substitute for the “Hot Mop’ process, which can crack during earthquake activity, house settlement, as this movement of structure can create stress. Other common compatible materials where C.I.M products are used over: concrete, steel and other metals, as well as, asphalt, glass, wood and ‘hot mop’ and most other coatings.

Our Polycoat (poly deck) deck coating is seamless, chemical resistant, elastomeric and abrasion resistant product for the following typical uses: balconies, patios, walkways, plywood decks and over occupied spaces. Polycoat has a 4 phase application for all decking systems, ensuring resistance to abrasion and wearing. It will not soften in heat nor embrittle in cold. Installed and maintained properly, Polycoat decking system will insure years of use.

Product Statements (benefits/qualities) to customers:

I. Polycoat products is a decking system used on walkways,roof decks,patios, balconies and over occupied spaces

  • the product is designed to expand and contract, a specialized elastomeric waterproof coating
  • this system is durable and protects surfaces against spalling and freeze.thaw damage
  • this product will not soften in heat nor embrittle in cold
  • this product is long lasting for years of service
  • is a liquid applied, moisture cured, urethane polyurea waterproofing system

II C.I.M. products is a waterproofing used in shower pans, roadways, courts and parking decks, prefab walls and roofs 

  • flexible in extreme temperatures & accommodates movement
  • offers strong adhesion to concrete, asphalt and other solid surfaces
  • ideal joint sealant and provides long lasting protection
  • this product does not form film or glass nor traps moisture
  • suitable on cured & honed and cured and polished concrete
  • compatible with lithium silicate hardeners and densifiers
  • excellent surface beating & stain resistance

Serving Santa Cruz County for over 18 years

Martin Weyrauch, owner qualities:

  • Over 28 years in the waterproofing business
  • Expert in his field
  • Dependable
  • Provides Quality products and craftsmanship
  • Consultant for other general contractors
  • Providing product knowledge and application
  • Fully licensed and bonded

Referred By: Michael Hartrich

Contact Info:

MW Construction

Owner/General Contractor: Martin Weyrauch
Partner/Office Manager: Janet Weyrauch

Felton, CA. 95018

Office: 831-335-1213
Fax: 831-335-4493

Contractors License #: 797252

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6 Customer Testimonials
  1. Steve Libbey says:

    Martin waterproofed a shower for my daughter’s remodeling project. Very professional and thorough work, glad we picked Martin to do this job. Wouldn’t hesitate to use his services again.

  2. Mike Hartrich says:

    Martin did a waterproof job on an entry for my latest project. The job turned our really well. Martin Weyrauch knows his trade. I recommend him for your waterproofing needs.

  3. Keith Petersen says:

    While not having benefited from Martin’s expertise,(I live in Wyoming) I worked along side him for many years, and I know what is important to him. Quality. Martin has always made quality a priority. It’s also important for him to build a good rapport with all his client. While working together, worked on hundreds of jobs, and I can honestly say, there was not one negative comment regarding Martin or his work. Martin strives for perfection in every job, large or small. There is no one better.

  4. Michelle says:

    Thank you, Martin, for the great job you did here at our complex on the decks. I emailed Anderson & Co., asking them to pay you. After contacting the owners with deck work to get their release, all owners had wonderful things to say about you personally as well as being happy with their new deck surfaces. I agree, you are a special guy, fun to work with and very professional as well. I recommend MW Construction to everyone that I know owns a deck! You’re great guy! Thanks again for all your hard work.

    Best Regards, Michelle

  5. L. Rogge says:

    My original roof was hot mopped, with no flashing and was always leaking. When I had a chance I pulled off the old roof and hired MW Construction to do the flashing and apply the CIM 1000. Martin did an outstanding job! He is very professional and courteous, is excellent at flashing and waterproofing and the elastomeric coating he uses is so much better and longer lasting than the hot mop tar. I would recommend MW Construction for all waterproofing needs!

  6. Jim says:

    M.W. Construction is prompt, neat, excellent quality work and uses a great waterproof product that is flexible and durable. His prices are very competitive to cheaper products like the old cracked up hot mop I had. Thanks to Martin, I will never need to worry about a leaky shower again.

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