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Myles F Corcoran Construction Consulting

We are waterproofing design specialists who provide custom details you need to build challenging assemblies. For decades, in our forensic construction expert work, MFC has been hired to inspect failed installations and designs in order to make reasonable repair recommendations and resolve disputes. We know what works.

We specialize in…

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

  • Building Issue Resolution

  • Investigative Testing

  • Waterproofing Design

  • Construction Project Consultation

  • On-Site Crew Training

MFC has been helping Builders, Owners, Attorneys, Designers and Adjusters diagnose and resolve building problems for almost 30 years.  MFC discovers the causes of building problems, specifies repairs, estimates the costs, oversees fixing the damage, as well as designs waterproofing, provides Litigation Support and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). We act with knowledge, strength, integrity and compassion to bring excellence to building. We leave our clients understanding more about the building environment and knowing they have received the highest quality assistance with their building issues.

MFC Services For Builders

We are waterproofing specialists who come on site and design the custom details you need to build those challenging assemblies. We also offer on site crew training for complex installations so your team’s knowledge base grows. Our goal: No call backs.

For Designers

Don’t let waterproofing complexities stop you from creating the design you envision. We can add the custom details, allowing you to focus on the creative elements. Let us be part of your team so the finished product is outstanding.

Investigative Testing

Are you at a remodel job site and found rot? Need an expert opinion as to what caused it? MFC will do investigative testing to discover the possible source of water damage that led to the rot. We also have specialized diagnostic equipment on hand to help determine the extent of the problem. You then could use our results to relay to the owners when discussing your scope of work.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

When the Owner/Builder or General/Subcontractor relationship is not working as it should, projects can run off course. In the middle of construction, if trust has broken down, MFC can get the project back on track. We have experience side-stepping the blame game, getting to the heart of the issue, and designing a fix that works. We can also come on site and be the Neutral “voice of reason,” able to communicate with all parties to work out a resolution. MFC’s Arbitrators, Mediators, and Neutral Experts will work to find common ground and a solution that is fair for all.

Owner’s Representative

We save you money by avoiding costly mistakes and expensive re-work. We assure your builder’s craftsmanship is top quality and built to last. MFC provides custom details, correct sequencing and timing, as well as excellent communication with each building professional involved, to be sure all phases of construction are built correctly.

Contact Info:

Myles F. Corcoran Construction Consulting

200 Seventh Avenue, Suite 230
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Phone: 831-476-4502
Fax: 831-476-2732

Website: http://www.mfcbuild.com/

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Myles F Corcoran Construction Consulting
Myles F Corcoran Construction Consulting


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  1. Gary Ransone says:

    I have known and worked in the community with Myles for many, many years. He is both fair and very knowledgeable as a construction expert and has developed an expertise in this field over many years. I can also recommend him as an arbitrator and mediator in the area of construction disputes if you need that service. He is even tempered and knows how to handle parties and their attorneys in a manner that makes them feel respected and heard. His expertise and professional manner serves him well in this area.

    Gary Ransone, Esq. and General Contractor
    Soquel, CA

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