Thanks for completing your Member Registration.  We now have your basic information. We will create and publish your member page as soon as possible.  We will notify you by email when it’s live.

Important Next Steps… #1

Do you have a website?  Did you authorize us to copy and images and text from there? If so, you are done. We’ll take it from here.

Otherwise please send us text and images to You don’t have to send all the images at once. In fact it’s preferable to send up to 6 images per email.

You can have up to 36 images in your gallery. This is like an online portfolio of your work to help convince potential clients to hire you. So make them good photos of your best work. Work that you are proud of.

You can also send us your company logo, if you have one, and a good photo of you and/or your team. Even if you’re camera shy, a good photo of you helps build trust in a potential client, and online that’s very important. Don’t worry, it’s not a beauty contest.

Important Next Steps… #2

Be sure to download our SCCG mobile phone app. We provide the link in our weekly email. Or you can request your link via

That’s it. Welcome to the Santa Cruz Construction Guild!