Yesterday’s radio showt was an interesting experience.  I never did a radio show before and truth be told, at first I was a bit uncomfortable.  You’re in a small room sitting around a small table with mics and headphones.  Dan Schooler and Ken Swanson are radio pros and were talking it up.  It took me a while to get comfortable and get into the talk.  The majority of call-ins were from Redding and addressed to Ken.  He had a popular radio show there which was cancelled when the economy tanked.  Michele Landegger of Boa Constructor called in.  Thanks!  All in all it went well and Dan has invited me to a future show.  When that happens I want to line up SCCG members to call in.  The prize is that you get a recording of the show that you can use in your marketing.  Radio is another medium that we’re adding to the mix.

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  1. Kenneth Swanson says:

    Wow, that was a long time ago! But, it was all true. Look at where we are now. I’m still working on my National Disaster Awareness Program and have a federal petition filed. I need 100K signatures in 30 days. Can you help? 530-949-6574

  2. Keith Severson says:

    Congratulations Mike,
    I listened in for just a bit before running the San Juan Bautista 10 Miler. You all did great. Be careful, you might get hooked on doing that radio thing. Glad you were on and doing good for the construction industry.
    Listen into House Talk on Saturday, February 5, 2011 when I will be on with some trucking industry experts with over 50 years of construction transportation experience.
    Keep up the good work.
    Best Keith

  3. Ken Swanson says:

    Just a few notes on the show for debriefing:
    This was a first time meeting and debut in almost two years of networking with David Schooler and House Talk Radio at KNRY. I had only known the station location by Google searching. Mr Schooler is a very intelligent builder with a rich history ( and countless interesting stories) of the building industry. He is definately worth meeting if you ever visit the ‘Row’. I thank David for having me, and I thank Mike for coming in and sharing his aspirations for the tradesmen of the local region. My talk radio show format is different from Davids, as I had built my program on the idea of providing a forum for networking and advertising. From the builder, to the builder. “Keep it in the family”, so to speak. After all, we speak a language that can only be spoken by those ‘in the know’. So why would you have someone who dosen’t understand the facets of construction; do your advertising for you?
    When the economy took a turn for the worst, I made the decision to take an ‘intermission’ due to the fact that CTR (Construction Talk Radio) would not sustain; especially going into winter. I did not get cancelled, rather maintained a #1 Tapscan rating in the last rating book released. I know you members of the SCCG have an outstanding resource provided my Mr. Hartrich, due to the fact that he is an accomplished contractor. But more than that, he is a visionary for the industry. So lets all ‘circle the wagons’ for our weakening industry, and provide resources of creativity, that will bolster the resurgence.
    “Building The Building Industry”,
    Ken Swanson

  4. Jeff Talmadge says:

    I wanted to call in but I could not locate the phone number anywhere. I listened to the show on and off while doing some things and I never heard the number announced.

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