Looks like the radio show tomorrow, Saturday, is on KNRY 1240 AM at 9:05 am.  It’s usually hosted by David Schooler, but tomorrow will either be hosted or co-hosted by Ken Swanson .  Ken is a long-time residential builder up in Redding.   He’s had his own radio talk show up in Redding, ‘The Owner-Builder Radio’, which was popular until the ‘Great Recession’ hammered that area.  Apparently they got hit real hard.  Ken has some ideas on how to use talk-radio to connect builders and customers.  Saturday’s radio show is about ‘Improving the image of the construction industry’:

Apparently that’s an old story.  Call in with some questions and comments.  We want to the show to be lively.  And let me know if you have a topic for a radio show.

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