This was the Labor Day headline of the Santa Cruz Sentinel.  Here’s the LINK.  I was alerted to a mention of the Santa Cruz Construction Guild on their online Comments section.  I checked it out and pulled out a few gems that I’m posting here:

Post # 24 by “Jocelyn”:

As much as I hate it when the recession is bad and people lose their jobs. I feel the contractors deserve this. When the economy was good and we were having renovation done on our house I called many contractors and they would not return my calls. I would call them back and finally I got a hold of someone, they would ask me what I needed to have done I told them and they would say it was not worth their time. I told one guy be careful you never know when the economy might turn and you will be begging me for a job. So I don’t feel bad for these people at all!!!

Post # 51 by “Darwin’s Law”:

Maybe this is a good thing. The Santa Cruz area is rife with incompetent and dishonest, arrogant contractors. I’ve had my home ruined by several of them. I admit that I am enjoying the thought that they might be without work. Karma, and all that, you know. Maybe this will weed some of them out, and the handful of good ones (I know they must be out there somewhere) will be all that remain.   I can hope.

Post # 62 by “Michelle”:

My husband hired (XYZ) Construction (the actual name is in the forum post) to do a small remodel some time ago. We thought highly of the owner Ken. Until his crew showed up, then we had concerns. They are all Mexican. Did not speak any English. The work they did was low quality. We now know that they are all illegal immigrants and he pays them very little. He banked off of us. Since then we have been sure to tell our neighbors and friends to steer clear of this company. We do see his trucks around town and it disgusts me every time.
Upset and will never trust another contractor because of this fake. I still have not forgiven my husband for hiring them.

Post # 67 by “Mr M” responds to that:

You also might want to post at “ ” .

Post # 70 by “Lynn-Gai”:

When was the last time a parade of locals showed up to support any project? This area is famous for it’s protests and foot dragging. The fees are high, and the B.S. is deep. The reputation for Santa Cruz, as an area that is difficult to do business in, goes far and wide. This is the results. These are local problems, created by those in power. Take responsibility.

Post # 74 by “Rough Rider”:

I also had a smaller job that needed doing: tear out a sliding door, install sheetrock and frame to house a smaller window. The valley glass shop where I ordered the window from gave me a local contractor’s name. He stated he was too busy but gave me the name and number of someone to contact for the job. Two hispanic men showed up, one spoke english , the other not at all, but hey, they understood what needed to be done. The job was almost finished (1/2 payment up front & 1/2 when finished) except that the window was not installed square, it stuck out past the framing on one side. They were to return the next day-I never saw them again. The work was redone by a local handyman at a reasonable cost considering he had to tear down and redo. I will never take another recommendation from a local licensed contractor who is just too busy, ever. In fact, I think I’ll do some checking and see just how busy this licensed contractor is now, or is he still “referring”.

Post # 84 by “off to work on labor day”:

Hi Rough rider no I always have time for small jobs just finished one for a good client and now friend, thats why I have work, sorry to hear about all the problems you folks are having, Oh and yes I am a contractor I get all my work by referral my numbers not listed I don’t rip people off and I am busy, if you are looking for a builder ask a friend who they hired and if they are happy give that one a try. I also want to add that a lot of people are getting great deals on there projects right now there has never been a better time to build. We are all in this together folks you hire me my taxes or money pays for what you are doing, and so on and so fourth. Time to fire up the grill and take a shower let the labor day festivities begin, dinner always taste better after a hard days work, happy labor day

Post # 88 by “Local Talent”:

I don’t know about the fellow you are referring to, but I do know about a “guild” of local construction craftsmen who are good, and also seem to have an ethic of “legitimate local citizens” among their craftspeople. I’ve had good luck hiring members of this outfit.  Check them out at:

Post # 98 by “SC LoCal”:

Next time call Man With Tools…their contractors are pre screened. They show up on time, their prices are fair and they do quality work.

Post # 103 by “Citizens or No”:

Local Talent wrote:

I don’t know about the fellow you are referring to, but I do know about a “guild” of local construction craftsmen who are good, and also seem to have an ethic of “legitimate local citizens” among their craftspeople. I’ve had good luck hiring members of this outfit.

Check them out at:

Does anyone know if the members of this group are illegal alien free? Do they use e-verify on prospective employees?

HERE is the link to the Comments section with all the posts.

What do you think?  Any comments?

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