A reader asked me about radon and mentioned this site


Do you know any local contractor that deals with radon removal?

Who would be good to talk to about it?

Thanks, Jondi Gumz,

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  1. Michele with Boa Constructor says:

    Hi Mike,

    Generally, Radon is not prevalent in our area. That site listed above has links to the government public info on Radon. I would start by testing if a homeowner is concerned. Simple test, see link for info. I have several informative books that address Radon, one is Prescriptions for a Healthy House by Baker, Elliot and Banta. It describes detailed info on testing, mitigation, etc. EPA state office can provide names of contractors that are trained under the EPA’s Radon Contractor Proficiency Program. Good luck, I hope Jondis’ home is Radon- free. Feel free to call me if I can be of help leading to info. The authors of the book listed above would be excellent to consult with if Radon is an issue.

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