Laing Tankless Hot Water Recirculation PumpInstant hot water at the very last sink at far end of the house. Here’s a short 2 minute video by Dean Mazzei from Mazzei Construction explaining the Laing Autocirc E10 TANKLESS Hot Water Recirculation Pump

The Laing E10 is a retrofit hot water circulation system designed for tankless water heating systems. The benefits of tankless water heater systems are increased by adding the luxury and convenience of instant hot water at all fixtures in the home thus providing a true instant hot water system.

• No return line required
• Compact spherical motor design
• Energy efficient ECM motor
• Silent operation
• Built-in temperature control
• Built-in 24 hour timer with multiple on/off settings
• Suitable for tankless water heater
• 6 foot power cord
• AB1953 compliant.

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  1. Mike Hartrich says:

    Great presentation. The video is clear, right to the point and explains what this device does.

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