Beyond the Box Kitchen Design - Cynthia Mosher

Beyond the Box - Kitchen Design

At Beyond the Box, we can take you from imagination to creation. We guide you through the entire process of bringing your dream kitchen to life. Changes made on paper are much less costly than those made on the job site.
Design Works II: Carolyn Bredsteen

Design Works II

Hello! I’m Carolyn Bredsteen, I love interior design; making a space beautiful, harmonious and pleasant to be in. My work covers both residential and commercial.

Surf City Painting

Finishing is our specialty. We specialize in painting and finishing new and custom homes, remodels, and also repaints and finishing of existing homes and environmentally friendly finishes. The project is not complete, until you the client, are 100% satisfied.

Greenspace Company

Our goal is to provide a resource center to educate the community on the wide array of options available to lighten our impact on the earth and to create healthy environments without sacrificing comfort and beauty.