GTW053013The feature article in this week’s Good Times “Out On A  Limb” is all about tree houses. Back in 1999 Thomas Kern, owner of Santa Cruz County Builders, actually built a tree house here in Santa Cruz.


From the article:

At least one Santa Cruz treehouse has made it into a Nelson book: a nearly 400-square-foot office built on commission by Santa Cruz County Builders owner Thomas Kern in 1999. The Boulder Creek building is perched 50 feet up in a redwood and is reached by a suspension bridge that’s 42 feet high.

The domicile cost its owners $35,000, which Kern says was “pretty much a break-even job in terms of labor and cost of materials.”

“That’s a lot of money to spend on what’s basically a glorified tree fort,” he says, “but if you’ve got the money, what a great way to spend it.”

The full article is HERE

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