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Introducing Faswall® building systems to Santa Cruz. Faswall® block cannot burn or melt, does not degrade, and is made from organic and recycled materials

I’m Mike Hartrich, founder of the Santa Cruz Construction Guild and general contractor with over thirty years of experience in residential construction.

Over the years I have both remodeled and built many homes, all of them framed with wood. This has been our basic method of building for the last 100 years. Wood is good, but it’s time to reassess our use of it as the main structural material. Especially now in the aftermath of the 2020 firestorm which destroyed over 900 homes here in Santa Cruz.

We need to do better. We can do better.

Over the past few years I have investigated other building methods. I have come to the conclusion that FASWALL offers the best solution for not just fire safety but also for green eco-conscious building.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in building with this superior material.

Latest Faswall® Project

From Foundations to Finished Home

Faswall® specializes in…

  • Fire resistant: Faswall cannot burn or melt

  • Durable: Faswall does not degrade

  • Green Building: Made from organic and recycled materials

  • Unrivaled thermal properties, soundproof

  • Inhibits mold growth, not susceptible to rot or insects

  • Healthy: No out-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

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Faswall® can be used to build beautiful homes of any style, shape, or size with a multitude of stellar features and benefits. Check out the gallery above to see for yourself.

Why Build With Faswall®?

  • Its unrivaled thermal properties make it highly energy efficient, which drastically reduces your heating and cooling costs.
  • It is made completely with organic and recycled materials (100% organic, and 60% recycled).
  • It does not degrade and is not susceptible to rot or insects. It is amazing and can withstand anything that nature can dish out — from earthquakes to hurricanes.
  • It inhibits mold growth.
  • It does not produce fume out-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOC).
  • It is sound proof for an exceptionally healthy and comfortable living environment.
  • It cannot burn or melt, and there is no release of toxic smoke from Faswall® walls during a fire.

Fire Resistant Building Materials

Faswall® walls cannot sustain a fire, and there is no release of toxic smoke from Faswall® walls during a fire.

A home of one of our builders sustained an internal fire, which destroyed the inside belongings. But the wall system endured, making it possible to rebuild with the original Faswall® walls intact.

Extremely Durable – 300 year walls

Faswall green building blocks are made with a special blend of wood and concrete. These 100% organic (and 60% recycled) materials make it an ideal building product for many reasons. The blocks are very strong and create structures that can easily stand for hundreds of years.

Termites, carpenter ants and other pests have a hard time eating into them because the cement outer layer completely impregnates the blocks with a mineralized coating. They are also resistant to mold and mildew.

High Thermal Mass

Faswall green building blocks have a a high thermal mass because they are made with a natural insulation made of a mineralized wood product.

Each block comes with an insulating insert, and once stacked, builders pour a pea gravel concrete aggregate mix down two cores in the center of each block. This makes the building’s thermal mass even higher. The end result is a home, office, or commercial center that will keep you cozy warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer.

Referred by: Michael Hartrich

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