Santa Cruz house

Looking to build a >1500 sq ft house and 700 sq ft ADU on a 10° -15 slope in brookdale.
Working on a one time close loan.

Need someone with the following
basic builder requirements:
1) 3 years building from the ground up
2) 1,000,000 construction per year
3) experience building on a timeline
4) good references
5) pays their bills on time (credit check)
6) borrower cannot be related to or work for the builder

Budget 370k
Timeline 1yr from start
Plans: need help with design and drafting to stay within budget.

Utilities: water on site, septic needed, electricity at street.

Permitting cost part of budget <40k.

Contact Details:
Michael Rotakhin
Phone: (408) 250-6907
Email: use the contact form on this page

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