SC Mtn Master Bed/Bath Addition

I just purchased 210 Bear Canyon Rd. in Los Gatos. The previous owner built an uncovered deck and a very small two room addition onto the back slope of the original home, both of which are of questionable design and build integrity ;)

We have already had a structural engineer from BEAR inspect the current structure and they recommended that we demo the deck and addition, expand/reinforce the extent of original foundation, and enclose the whole of that space into a master bed+bathroom that contains a walk-in closet as the central axis between the two.

We are now seeking a firm ready to begin a plan/design/build sequence of work that moves forward with deliberation but with minimal interruption from start to finish—taking into account the timing of the project, expected winter weather conditions, and the property’s accessibility challenges.

Please refer to the listing at for overhead pictures of the property and current layout of the main house.

Lets get to work!

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