Schultz Construction is a third generation, full-service general contracting firm. We hold both General Bldg (B) & General Engineering (A) license categories with the State of CA. We have 30+ years experience in residential construction, both new and remodel, as well as commercial & engineering work.

Schultz Construction Inc

We specialize in…

  • New Construction

  • Remodels & Additions

  • Residential & Commercial

Schultz Construction Inc

As our motto “No Holds Barred” indicates, we are not afraid to tackle any project – whatever scope or complexity – and have the expertise to back up that claim. We specialize in projects of the highest quality, and are proud of our ability to complete in today’s marketplace.

Bill Schultz started his career as a union carpenter in San Diego, CA. After a tour in the U.S. Army and college at Sonoma State, he received his CA State Contractor’s license in 1977 and has worked in Santa Cruz and the Central Coast of CA ever since.

We are builders of the old school – we self-perform all layout, earthwork, concrete & foundation, rough & finish carpentry, supervision & project management. Our craftsmanship is second to none.

Philosophy of Building

We are builders. We take the intangible concepts of form, structure, shape, color & function and transform them – through the alchemy of sweat, skill, experience and no small measure of creativity – into dirt, concrete, wood, steel & glass.

Although we exist in a world of profit margins and bottom lines, our motivation for taking up our trade have less to do with enriching ourselves than with our sense of craftsmanship and pride at a job well done. If this were not so, we certainly would have become stock brokers, realtors or anything else that didn’t require that we hammer, saw, dig and lift heavy materials all day, every day.

Green Building

The “Green Laws”, as I see it, are simple:

  1. Be economical with materials. Use only the minimum required to produce the designed structure.
  2. Design for function. Extraneous = waste.
  3. Be conscious of energy cost. Use the energy you need.

We at Schultz Construction can legitimately claim to be “Green builders”. Over the last ten years, we have installed:
— 40,000 gal Rainwater Catchment System (Chengson)
— Graywater Systems (Murphy, Benhari)
— Green Roof (Primack)
— Hydronic Heating (all Projects)
— Solar Hot Water Systems (Berglund, Schultz)

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