Special Offer To Guild Members

The Construction Monitor is a weekly publication that lists all the building permits within specific areas.  This service can be very helpful for your business.  The Construction Monitor has offered a special discount to the members of the Santa Cruz Construction Guild.  You can check out the Construction Monitor website here:


If you are interested give Rick Bales a call at 1 800-925-6085 ext- 127.

You can email him here:  rickb@constructionmonitor.com

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  1. Rick Bales says:

    Hi guys!
    Rick from the Construction Monitor here. If this offer sounds interesting to anyone please feel free to give me a call or an email. We are offering a one time 25% discount on a yearly subscription or a permanent 10% discount, whichever suits your fancy. Give me a call and I can set you up with a free sample or even a one week web trial if that suits your needs better! Our information is VERY extensive and our prices can’t be beat! I am sure you will not be disappointed!

    Rick Bales
    1 (800) 925-6085 ext 127

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