Susan Dee Cummins Residential Design & Land Use Consultant

Susan Dee Cummins expertise is in space-planning, flow, and design of structures, be it a remodel or future home.  Besides working with you to get the comfort we all desire in a living space, she is also well versed in sending your project through the County or City as smoothly as possible.

Susan Dee Cummins Residential Design & Land Use Consultant

We specialize in…

  • Building Design

  • New Construction

  • Project Consulting & Planning

  • Additions & Remodels

  • Cad Drafting

  • Green Building Design

Most recently she has taken part in the first Green Building and International Building Code courses. She also possesses an educational (Bachelor Degree in Architecture) and working knowledge, acquired over the past 20+ years, of how structures and spaces flow, along with expansive expertise in CAD (Computer Aided Drafting).

In addition, less time and money is spent since she also possesses great communication skills, not only with you, the client, but also with the County or City of Santa Cruz.  The results will be either no revisions, or as few as possible.

The goal is a comprehensive plan which makes sense and is easily interpreted by the Interior Designer, Engineers, General Contractor, County or City jurisdictions and you, the client.

The end result will be the house of your dreams, and also meets the Monterey Bay’s complicated code standards for safety.

Recommended by SCCG member Michael Hartrich

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7 Customer Testimonials
  1. Sheila Barrett says:

    She is the best! Really pulled us out of big hassle with the County. Have referred her many times over!

  2. Robert Faler says:

    Susan prepared the plans for the remodel of our home in Capitola. She was easy to work and showed a genuine interest in our home. She also prepared the plans for my daughters home in Capitola. Susan has great ideas and the energy and ability to work with public officials. I would recommend her professional services to anyone.

  3. Cupp Family says:

    We hired Susan Dee to get us out of a construction mess! She was knowledgeable, efficient and worked well with our entire family and crew. A feat in itself. I was very impressed by how organized she handled the job and the way she worked with the County on this difficult manner. She still remains on call for us with our many and varied questions. I give her an A+ and would be happy to work with Susan Dee again…

  4. Ralph G. says:

    Susan did a bang up job on our remodel. She not only knows her way around the County and the Coastal Commision, but she also has a vast knowledge of space-planning, roof layouts (which can make or break the look of the house), and will show you how it all appears in CAD floor plans and 3d. I give her a 6 star rating.

  5. Robin & Pat says:

    Susan Dee is extremely personable, easy to communicate with and reliable. She knows what it takes to get plans approved the first time around…..

  6. Gloria Behman says:

    I am a realtor in Santa Cruz County, and had the pleasure of working with Susan earlier this year in a very complicated transaction in the San Lorenzo Valley. Susan navigated her way through the County professionally and carefully, getting all the permit work done in a thorough and timely manner. The project was extremely difficult, but she persevered, making the necessary adjustments to the dwelling and getting her work accepted through the county.

    There are several essential components to obtaining permits that Susan possesses: (1) knowledge of the permit process, (2) excellent capabilities in design, (3) ability to work with the county to get successful results, and (4) ability to act as a liaison with owner, county, and other professionals involved in project to meet necessary deadlines, (5) ability to assist in getting project completed.

    I would highly recommend her!

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