Yesterday’s UCSC Outreach to local contractors was a big success. The room was packed with 50 +/- attendees. About 1/3 were SCCG members. Thanks for showing up. We made a big impression on UCSC.
I made it a point to speak with John Barnes, the chief architect of UCSC, and to meet with as many of the UCSC project managers as possible. Projects under $25,000 require little paper work. Projects under 100,000 do not require publicly listed bidding.
The bottom line; this is a golden opportunity for members to provide UCSC with the work they need to have done. UCSC wants to do business with you. I know, that sounds really strange, but it’s true.
We’re going to talk about this topic in a meeting.
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  1. Rick Yamada says:

    I was out of town that day, but I probably would not have gone. I have stopped bidding on public projects, the process was onerous, and even unfair to local business’…I hope UCSC is easier to work with.

  2. David Montanari says:

    I had a great time meeting all of the Staff Up There at U.C.S.C., I appreciate the opportunity to work with you all on some projects. Thanks for making your protocal easy to understand and making it simple for us contractors to get our foot in the door with you. Take Care :)

  3. Jacob Dowling says:

    I’m really glad to have attended this event. I found the entire staff of Physical Planning and Construction to be extremely welcoming, helpful and eager to spread their projects amongst us local tradesmen. They wanted to dispell any beliefs that their system is too complicated or that it takes too long to get paid. I can tell they’ll be a great group to work for and with and I’m really looking forward to bidding and hopefully performing jobs for them!

  4. Rich Singer says:

    I attended the meet and greet at UCSC and was able to speak with many of the project managers and give them my card and background. I walked away feeling it was a good event and I am encouraged by the fact that UCSC wants to hire locally…also was great to see the Guild well represented at the event.

  5. Adam Dorn says:

    Great workshop yesterday. John and the entire staff really got their point across that they want to help contractors partner with the university on future projects. It was so encouraging that they were willing to help realize that goal. As a custom home builder, I would tend to shy away from this kind of work but the idea of working at the University is appealing. It is a great environment to spend time in and im sure would be a fantastic learning experience.

  6. Mitchell Cartwright says:

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the outreach yesterday. I would have liked to have been there. The fact that UCSC seems to want to cultivate working relationships with local contractors is encouraging. Utilizing local trades keeps money here in our community and in turn, supports many other local businesses. This is a good thing.

  7. Richard Singer says:

    Good to see the Guild out in force…made some good contacts with the staff @UCSC. It was a good opportunity to hopefully get some more work…Thanks Mike for making us aware of this opportunity.

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