It’s 7:30 Sunday evening.  I just googled ‘SANTA CRUZ CONTRACTOR’ for the heck of it.  We’ve been on Page One for quite some time; in positions 7 and 8 mostly.

Well, today we are #1!

We also have two more listings further down on Page One.

I’m going to try this again tomorrow, Monday.  That’s when you get this blog post in your email.  Go ahead and do a Google search on SANTA CRUZ CONTRACTOR and see if that was just a fluke.  Check it out and let me know.


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  1. mike says:

    Kim, I checked today at 11 AM and the SCCG listing is still at the top of the page. It’s at the very top on top of the paid listings. It may well move away from here because Google is a dynamic search engine. But we are definitely ‘liked’ by Google.

  2. Kim Tschantz says:

    The Guild is still on page 1 of Google but at the bottom of the page at 12th or 13th place this morning.

    However, in checking “Santa Cruz land use planners” on Google, I find my business is listed on the Google’s page 1 in 4th place, not due to my website, but due to my affiliation with the Guild. When I clicked on the Google page listing for “Cypress Environmental and Land Use Planning” it went to my page on the Guild website. So for me there is good presence on Google due to the Guild! I haven’t checked out the other search engines yet.

    Kim Tschantz

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